Our company is located in Jalan Meru, Klang. Our store is known as Welly Top Motor Sdn. Bhd. We are the dealer of quality new and used motorcycles, parts, accessories and apparels. Insurance Agent and renewal of road tax amp; license. Specialized in repairing motorcycle.

We have an established yard and buying network in Japan as well as few Europeans countries. This enables us to bring high quality motorcycles and parts to Malaysia including accessories and apparels. Welly Top Motor Sdn. Bhd. has been in operation for over seven years. We have a direct connection with the motor sport industry and through this experience it has given us the Ability to supply you with the best hands on advice. Our experience in this fields for many years certainly benefits you.

Our mission is to improve our service and quality. We are planning the web site provide service and appointed Dealership on the Malaysia Oversea market as well.